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In order to replace a garage door you must know the rough opening measurements. These measurements are needed to install a new door, a vertical track, spring system, and an automatic garage door opener. There measurements are very important so that you are able to order the correct size door. If you do not have these measurements and just guess the size, you may end up with the wrong size door and get charged for ordering and then returning a door. You may be wondering how to correctly measure the rough opening. Here is what a New York garage door rough opening is and how it needs to be measured.

A garage door rough opening is the height and width of the garage door opening. This area is where you would fit the actual residential garage door. You may think of this as the threshold of the garage.

Now that you know what the rough opening is of a garage, let us look into how to measure everything correctly. The first thing you should measure is the side room. This is the amount of room going from the threshold of the garage door to the wall. There needs to be at least three and three quarter inches in order to install a vertical track. You will probably want more room than that in order for you to open and close doors comfortably. It is also nice to have extra room here for some storage.

The next thing you must measure is the headroom. This is the distance from the top of the garage door opening to the ceiling. In order for a standard extension spring to fit, there must be at least ten inches available. Most garages do not have much more room than that. A garage door opening is already approximately seven feet high, which is plenty of space for more people and vehicles to get through easily. If you are interested in having some ceiling storage installed, then yes this would require more than ten inches.

The last thing you will need to measure is the back room. The back room is simply the length of the entire garage. In order to measure this accurately, you will want to start at the garage door opening and go back all the way to the parallel wall. In order for most standard garage doors to fit you will need at least the length of the actual garage door plus another eighteen inches.

These are not difficult measurements to take. You should be able to do them quickly with a twenty five foot measurement tape and a friend. Make sure to write all of these measurements down so that you have them on hand when you decide to go in and order a new garage door service for your home.